“This land, this water, this air, this planet – this is our legacy to our young.”
– Paul Tsongas

On the occasion of World Environment Day (June 5), Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) launched a campaign on segregation of Wet and Dry Waste. This was a part of the Swachch Bharat Mission which added the dimension of waste segregation at source. At a ceremony in Ahmedabad, the work of Sashakt Foundation around waste management got acknowledged when Satya Triveni Apartments was recognised as a housing society following good waste segregation practices. Sashakt had been working on the issue of appropriate waste management long before the government had announced its ‘green and blue bins’ programme. Vibhu Rakesh from Sashakt Foundation received a certificate from Rakesh Shah, MLA of Gujarat for the work being done at Satya Triveni Apartments.

The process of adopting this new waste management technique in the apartment started with Vibhu meeting the Management Committee and sensitising them about the issue. The idea that waste management should begin at home was successfully put forth in the meeting. He further educated the young children of the apartment about this initiative. The children showed interest to become volunteers and spread awareness among other residents. The team of volunteers along with Vibhu then campaigned door-to-door in the apartment to explain the proper way of waste segregation at home. Next, all the waste collectors in the area were trained to collect the wet and the dry waste separately and were also provided with rubber gloves to maintain hygiene. And also, monthly rounds are planned to ensure proper implementation of waste segregation practice.

On receiving the award, the residents and the Management Committee of the Apartment expressed their happiness and appreciated the work of Sashakt Foundation. Mr. Lalit Patel, a member of the Management Committee said, “We are proud of our accomplishment and feel good about doing our bit in the field of waste management.  But most importantly we are thankful to Sashakt for guiding and directing us to achieve this. Vibhu and his team of young volunteers worked hard to make it happen.” Another resident of the apartment, Mrs. Monika Mathur said, “I feel being educated is not enough, being an aware citizen of the society is equally important. It was good to have come across the work of this foundation as I could realize how my actions can help or harm the environment. And honestly, it feels great to do something for the environment and the society.”

AMC also introduced the waste collection vehicles which have been compartmentalised to collect dry and wet waste separately on the World Environment Day. The Government’s efforts towards waste management further encouraged people to practice waste segregation sincerely. These small steps taken in the same direction lead us to the goal of effective waste management.