A Visit to Delhi Public School, Ahmedabad

“Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for future.”
– Malcolm X

Catch them young is an old phrase but it really works when it comes to changing behaviours of youth and ensuring that they sustain it themselves and influence others as well. Sashakt Foundation visited Delhi Public School, Bopal, Ahmedabad to engage young minds on the issue of urban waste management and responsibility of ordinary citizens towards it.

The school principal Mr. Surender Sachdeva along with Ms. Vandana Joshi, Sr. Vice Principal and Neera Pandey, Vice Principal were all very excited about the waste management initiatives of Sashakt Foundation.

Heritage City Celebrates World Environment Day

“This land, this water, this air, this planet – this is our legacy to our young.”
– Paul Tsongas

On the occasion of World Environment Day (June 5), Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) launched a campaign on segregation of Wet and Dry Waste. This was a part of the Swachch Bharat Mission which added the dimension of waste segregation at source. At a ceremony in Ahmedabad, the work of Sashakt Foundation around waste management got acknowledged when Satya Triveni Apartments was recognised as a housing society following good waste segregation practices. Sashakt had been working on the issue of appropriate waste management long before the government had announced its ‘green and blue bins’ programme.