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Waste Management

  • 2020-10-13
  • by Admin
( Waste Management Activities )

The key to efficient waste management is toensure proper segregation of waste at source and to ensure that the waste goesthrough different streams of recycling and resource recovery. Waste managementin India is based on the principles of sustainable development, precaution andholding up the polluters. Sashakt came up with the idea of making childrenaware of their responsibility towards effective waste management. With thisidea in mind, a program was initiated in a group of schools where the childrenwere taught about how to manage waste control waste and recycle it. They werealso made aware of dry waste and wet waste segregation and the three R’s ofwaste management: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. After the successful completion ofthe program, an environment champion was selected who would keep the othersmotivated and enthusiastically carry the idea ahead.

After the successful completion of the programin the schools, Sashakt also created Eco clubs for children. There are a lot ofclubs in schools nowadays and Eco club is a platform on which students canrealize his/her potential/ hidden ability, develop leadership quality, theywill also learn about teamwork and power of unity. Eco club members will betrained on energy conservation, water conservation, solid waste management andtree plantation strategies as well as different art forms. All in all, this isa small step taken by Sashakt in realizing a big goal which is, effective wastemanagement. And which cannot be achieved without everyone’s help. So, next timewhen you see someone littering or mixing up waste, do stop by and make themaware of the right way of doing things.


What started as a bunch of sporadic awareness programmes soon branched into structured programmes across Health and Livelihood.

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