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Empowering girls for a better tomorrow

  • 2020-10-13
  • by Admin
(Empowering girls for a better tomorrow)

Adolescencecan be a tricky age. Things change around us and in a country like ours, girlsface a lot of struggles. To simplify these struggles for adolescent girls,Sashakt Foundation came up with an initiative of ‘ADOLESCENT GIRLS EMPOWERMENTPROGRAM’.

Footballis used as one of the means to target and empower those areas in their livesthat require focus to improve living standards of these children. This programaims to enhance the adolescent girls’ understanding of social skills, access tohealth information and services, enhance opportunities for continuation ofeducation and increase the possibilities for participation and leadershipopportunities in their communities. It also focuses on enhancing andstrengthening knowledge of girls on the essential areas such as, Education,Life Skills, Sexual Health, Menstrual Health and Hygiene, Leadership, Nutrition,Gender and Livelihood. It gives them a footing to carve out a place forthemselves in this male dominant world.

Everysession is implemented through activity-based methodology hence it helps thechildren retain the learning material for longer duration. In the course oftime, Sashakt has seen many success stories where girls who belong to marginalsections of the society like Manju and Renu amongst others discover a morepromising future where they can achieve their dreams. While Renu aspires to bea professional footballer, Manju aims to be a doctor and aspires to continueplaying sports. Sashakt stands with these young minds and hopes to create anenvironment that can help them bloom into better individuals.



What started as a bunch of sporadic awareness programmes soon branched into structured programmes across Health and Livelihood.

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