Adolescent Girls

Adolescent Girls

“When women thrive, all of society benefits, and succeeding generations are given a better start in life.”
– Kofi Annan

Inspired by this thought, we believe that a simple yet effective approach best works in empowering adolescent girls and women. This eco-systemic approach works with not only the adolescent girl at the core but also other key stakeholders that impact her well-being such as her family, community, school and institution.

Sashakt for Girl Empowerment

The program focusses on holistic development of girls both in school and out school from the bottom of the pyramid.

Based on a well-researched curriculum that has been developed taking into consideration the various aspects of a girl’s emotional, mental and psychological needs as she grows up.

These inputs are provided at the community as well as school levels through a local youth leader or a peer led approach ensuring that an enabling environment is created to support the adolescent girls to realise their potential.

In the next two years Sashakt plans to expand work in Delhi NCR, Bihar and Jharkhand with an aim to reach out to about 10,000 adolescent girls.

Sport promotes social integration, encourages an active lifestyle and serves as an educational tool. It has an almost unparalleled reach into all spheres of society. Through its professional and voluntary structures, sport facilitates participation and creates a sense of belonging across ethnic and social divides. Social development is an important aspect for the adolescent girls, through interactive sessions using sports as a medium they become mindful regarding the life skills. Sessions touch upon various areas like life Skills, health, gender and gender based violence, education, leadership etc. These sessions not only help to enhance the personality of an individual but also teach the life lessons to the adolescent girls.

As most of the children are deprived from an appropriate ambience to explore and learn about different facets of life, Sashakt foundation works hard to provide training and coaching program to the adolescent girls and boys in football. Through excellence in sports program, adolescent girls can be themselves and learn different aspects of life. This not only motivates interest but also helps to improve physical and emotional fitness. This program encourages participation in different tournaments after proper training. The football programme initiated by Sashakt foundation prospers the youth to break away from the drudgery of their daily lives and increase their life chances with the help of their coaches who act as role models and mentors. The children who are part of this program are from lower socio economic background.

The Sashakt Programme

The programme is currently being rolled out in 5 communities of New Delhi. It has already been implemented with 500 children in four schools of Delhi and one community in Noida:

  • Government Girls Secondary School, Mayur Vihar – Phase 1, New Delhi
  • Cosmos Public School, New Delhi
  • Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Trilokpuri, New Delhi
  • Jindal International School, Sahabad Dairy, New Delhi
  • Khora Village, Noida, UP